Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY: Aztec Print Phone Cover

I finally got down to working on my Aztec Print phone cover. Not that you can't find phone covers with Aztec prints out in the market, but making a personalised one with your favourite designs is one you definitely cannot buy from out there.

It's really, really, really easy to do and extremely foolproof! I cross my heart on this one. And the end result (for mine) was amazing! 

Zach held up my phone and told me, "Nice cover!". I told him *proudly*, "I DREW IT!". And he immediately gave me the 'R-u-kidding-me-it's-not-working' face coupled with a snort.... Until he examined it closely and said, "Maybe you might have drawn it.....". 

Here goes!

You will be needing:
1. Plain coloured phone cover(advised to use white for best contrast)
2. A sheet of rough paper
3. Ruler
4. Scotch tape
5. Drawing materials - Sharpies/Markers of your choice, pencil, black ink pen
Take note: If you're using jelly covers (like mine), normal coloured markers WOULD NOT work. I've tried it out. Use permanent markers or Painty!

Start out by briefly sketching out your favourite/intended designs. This is to have a rough gauge how would each design look like visually (if you're creating your own ones). But if you're extremely confident of your skills or already have a reference point to follow, skip this step.

Testing out your markers is also an important step!! You have to know what is the thickness of each marker you're using so as to prevent drawing too thin sections for thick markers. Also, try to see if the different markers can be drawn on each other! As can be seen from my test results (sound so scientific lol), I wasn't able to use the Zebra marker on the gold Painty - the black just wouldn't show up! 

Knowing how your markers work is important to ensure that you don't screw up on the designs halfway while drawing!

After settling the paperwork, fit your phone into the cover and take note of the exposed portions, as per pointed out by the pink arrows. You would want to protect these "vulnerable" parts from the attacks of your permanent markers because once accidentally drawn onto your phone itself... It'll take hell lot of effort to remove the stain!

You will need a support for the cover if the one you're using is flimsy and not stable to draw on... And the best-fitting support would obviously be your phone itself, so do protect it well!

Ugly as it may seem but it's crucial protection for your phone!

Kick-start your Aztec journey by drawing lines!! Depending on how stable your hand is, draw lines to make rows of suitable thickness. This is where the thickness of your markers play a row!

Remember to continue each line towards the sides of your cover!!

Then the real fun begins! Draw in your Aztec prints! The trick about this DIY is about hiding your mistakes, since we're playing with prints! 

See a smudge? Draw a design that covers it! 

As an extra step of protection to prevent smudges in case of the ink not being fully dried, leave the cover out in an airy place to dry for at least a day.

And tadah!!!

Finished product! 

Told you it was a really simple project! And an extremely good time-killer if you're experiencing boring weekend. The white jelly cover didn't come expensive either, I got it for $2 at Cine.

Enjoy customising and designing your own Aztec print phone cover! :)